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“The Beloved Community”: The Quest of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther King, Jr. for “True Humanity”

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By Patricia Anders, Editorial Director

The year 1968 seems to have been a pivotal year. It was the year of Prague Spring as Czechoslovakia fought for independence from the Soviet Union, North Korea captured the USS Pueblo and held American servicemen hostage for almost a year, tragedy exploded in My Lai and the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, and Thomas Merton and Karl Barth both died on December 10. It was also the year of the first orbit around the moon, the first 747 jumbo jet, the first successful heart transplant, the launch of Intel, 60 Minutes aired for the first time, The Beatles released The White Album, the anti-war musical Hair opened, London Bridge was sold and later moved from England to Arizona, and McDonalds sold their first Big Mac (for 49 cents).

The problem of race relations in the U.S. was also heating…

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